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Cottage Exterior Cleaning in Muskoka

The cottage is a place for fun and relaxation, but requires regular maintenance to protect your investment and keep it looking its best.  So why not use your time at the cottage for relaxing, and let us do the work for you.  Global Green Mobile Wash will take care of all of your exterior cleaning projects so that your cottage is clean and attractive all summer long, allowing you to make the most of your time there. 

We specialize in power washing:

Decks – including Dura Decking

Tennis/Sports Courts


All types of Stone

Siding—aluminum, vinyl, wood, masonry


Eavestrough Gutters

Boat Bottoms

Backyard Washing

Deck & Patio Cleaning

A thorough professional cleaning will prolong the life of your deck by eliminating the main causes of rotting, and restore it back to its original beauty and safety.

Dock Cleaning and Restoration

Let Global Green Mobile Wash come and restore your dock back to its "like new" appearance, and help keep it that way with our available maintenance plan. 

Image by Shawn Slawson

Cedar Shake Roofing & Shingles

Over time, your home collects dirt, mildew, and other miscellaneous grime.  A good cleaning makes all the difference. Roof washing is risky and should be done by a qualified professional for safety reasons and to ensure there is no damage to the roof.

Boat Bottoms

Let Global Green Mobile Wash help keep your boats clean and looking great all summer long, as well as before storage at the end of the season so that they are put away clean and ready for spring.

Image by Cassandra Ortiz
Image by Nico Miot

Stone & Rock Surfaces

Have the rocks on your shoreline become unsightly due to algae or other natural residues?   Are they so slippery you are worried about someone getting hurt?  Let Global Green Mobile Wash clean the slippery matter from your waterfront rocks and return them to their natural beauty.

Siding Cleaning

Whether you have wood, aluminum, or vinyl siding, over time it begins to get dirty and detracts from the beauty of your property.  Each type of siding, as well as different types of wood, need to be treated appropriately.  

Image by Vivek Vidyarthi
Image by Marius Matuschzik

Sport Court Cleaning

Sports courts of all types are a popular feature in the Muskoka area.  Let Global Green Mobile Wash help maintain the look, and maximize the playability of your investment by cleaning all the debris, grime, and stains from your court.

Get a residential power washing estimate or give us a call to discuss.

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